The Government Shutdown Demonstrates How Free Markets Provide More Stability and Liberty than Federal Programs Do

As the government shutdown jeopardizes welfare programs people dependent on the government are learning how unreliable that safety net can be. The free market, on the other hand, is unlikely to shutdown over a fight between a few hundred Americans. Those with marketable skills can earn more in difficult times.

For example, Second Lady Karen Pence resumed her career as an art teacher to help her household while the Vice President is on furlough. In addition to those classes in the suburbs of DC, she commutes on the weekend to NYC where she is an adjunct professor at Stern. The footage below shows her teaching art to students at that women’s college:

The free market can be a challenge to those accustomed to government work, because of the voluntary nature of interactions there. However, the right of exit improves services for clients by forcing providers to make them happy or loose income. The history of mental health professionals treating gay people is a case in point.

Same-sex attraction was once considered a mental illness by psychiatrists. The diagnosis made it possible for mental health professionals to incarcerate LGBT individuals, forcibly medicate them, and give them electroshock therapy against their will.

When LGBT activists successfully had same-sex attraction delisted from the DSM, mental health professionals had to change their approach to the community. They went from being violent and judgmental to being some of the greatest advocates for gay people. The musical scene below summarizes the evolving relationship between mental health professionals and gay people:

Interactions based on voluntary exchanges work out better for both service providers and clients. Service providers gain the flexibility that allows them to adjust to changes in society when they work for numerous clients instead of one massive government entity. Their careers tend to be more stable, because the client base averages out over time as clients come and go. Those working for the government could suddenly loose the one client they have.

Clients also benefit from the freedom to choose. When they can reject a service provider, the provider learns how to tailor his actions to better meet the desires of the clients. With a diversity of professionals seeking patronage from clients, there tends to be one that is right for each customer, be he gay, straight, bisexual, open-minded, or whatever.

Someone tried to break the internet in India

In 2018, growing internet access helped Indians flock to pornographic websites. Pornhub reported that India was their third largest market after the USA and UK, and that 85% of Indian viewers ranged in age from 18 to 34. The report summarized Indian viewing preferences in the following infographic:

indian pornhub statistics

Although a court ordered internet service providers to block pornographic websites, there are some ways around the ban. For example, viewers in India can access Pornhub through