A Federal Bill Could Prevent States from Banning Agricultural Products from Other States

Legislators in Washington, DC may soon pass a bill to prevent states from banning the sale of products produced in other states. It is a response to legislation in left leaning states that bans meat and eggs from farms that do not satisfy certain quality of life requirements for the livestock. Congress Rep. Sensenbrenner introduced the No Regulation Without Representation Act of 2017 to bring the regulation of interstate commerce away from states where customers live and back into Congress’s hands.

Animal welfare proponents are upset about the bill, but they might think twice if they consider other agricultural products that are legal to grow in their states but illegal to buy in other states. In my opinion, this could be a boon for drug dealers who break local laws when they sell marijuana that was grown in states which legalized recreational marijuana. It could effectively strike down state laws against selling marijuana.



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