A Mixed Bag of News

So, there’s a major snow storm predicted for New Jersey. According to one DC politician, these types of storms are the result of a Jewish conspiracy. Unlike the views of protesters in Charlottesville, VA, the bigotry of this elected official won’t be held up as proof that DC is an anti-Semitic city, because the politician is a Black Democrat.

UK courts convicted a man for posting a comedic video of his dog giving a Nazi salute. He made it clear in the video that he found Hitler offensive and only had the dog give the salute to upset his girlfriend, but the courts put him in the same category as people who try to intimidate an entire class. Plenty of people thought it was hilarious to watch a dog give a Nazi salute, because the poor dog had no understanding of what the salute meant.

On the lighter side, we can all enjoy this video of the the UK’s entry to this year’s Eurovision contest. Pay attention to the choreography around marksĀ 0:45, 1:05, 1:45, and 2:35. They made me laugh the first time I saw this video, because the poor girl has no idea that her choreography might be problematic.